On a swelterin’ day in the middle of May,
I was kickin’ it out on the boat.
No, not sailin’ at sea but as still as could be,
in marina my vessal afloat.
While the sun brightly shone, I was lost in my phone
just revisin’ a message I wrote.

But was busy my mind so I set out to find
a distraction to quiet & lull.
So I clicked on a link and neglected to think
of the waves as they wept on the hull
or above all my tweets with his triangle feets
sat a mockin’ and squawkin’ ol’ gull.

So the minutes I passed on the deck by the mast,
with the videos viral galore.
& I fed on the buzz with a smile because I could easily watch a few more.
All the folks in the vids were all funny young kids.
Oh their antics were hard to ignore.

When some splashin’ I heard that I thought was a bird,
it inspired my head to look up.
Such a beautiful sight that I jumped in delight
& I spilled what was left in my cup. What was paddlin’ by, with a glint in his eye:
was a slippery sea lion pup!

To the railin’ I rose & his whiskery nose
it was pointin’ at me like a spear.
How I looked on amazed as with pity he gazed,
‘fore he dove to the depths of the pier. Then it died my device but I found that quite nice,
as my mind it was finally clear.

Clyde Always, the Bard of the Lower Haight, lives in a gigantic mason
jar with holes punched in the top. They let him out on Friday nights
to host the notorious open mic night at Cafe International
(Haight/Fillmore) from 7:30-close, which features all forms of performance art and fun fun fun and has come to be known locally as:
The Clyde Always Show!