The Hot Towel Barbershop, the Uber of barber services in the Bay, can occasionally be found parked at the Proxy in Hayes Valley.
Kameron Frugoli built the bus himself, investing about four months of labor into completely gutting and transforming the vehicle.
The 26-year-old has been a barber since high school. 
“I had a shoe fetish in high school,” Frugoli said, explaining that his mother worked at a clipper distribution center and gave him a pair of clippers to earn money for his shoes. Frugoli took to the task with an entrepreneurial spirit early on, setting up a barber shop in his coach’s office in his high school locker room.
About six years ago he began practicing hot towel and steamed facial with straight razor services.
“It’s crazy—I found I was connected to barbering,” said Frugoli. “My grandfather owned a barbershop in Vallejo and my Grandmother lived in Chicago two blocks away from the first barbershop.” The truck is adorned with memorabilia that Frugoli has collected over the years, including images representing the history of barbering that came together as a wallpaper and a 66-year old wall decoration he received as a gift when he was ordering a Lucky Tiger sign for the shop.
Frugoli learned new barber techniques then developed The Hot Towel along with Taylor Gallanter. They park in Hayes Valley on Thursday and Friday between 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
For more information or additional hours, email or call the team at (415) 854-2867.
One of the challenges for Frugoli has been understanding the permitting process. Frugoli explained that beyond a barber truck in Canada he hasn’t heard of other mobile barber trucks.

Pricing: Services are moderately priced, ranging from $15-$75.
Get in touch: They are developing a mobile app, but for now you can book an appointment on the website.

P.S. In case you were wondering about the recent legislation permitting alcohol in barbershops—Frugoli is looking into it for the Hot Towel and keep tuned for the future of The Hot Towel: storage containers across from the Ballpark at the Yard.