Koret Children’s Quarter was torched in the midst of the night in June, with a $1 million estimated cost to replace the popular playground’s equipment in Golden Gate Park. Portions of the park are currently closed with yellow caution tape placed to ward off children.

Sarah Madland, Spokeswoman for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, was reported saying this was a rare occurrence, pitting the vandalism against the more frequent cases of broken glass and graffiti. (The most recent park to be set aflame was in 2005 in the Sunset.)

The park is site to one of the “Extraordinary Playscapes” sites in San Francisco, which “examines the art, history, science, and importance of play, while telling the story behind some of the most incredible play spaces in the world.” An exhibit was on display April 6-July 11, which covered case studies about global playscapes.