Have you ever been to the Botanical Garden? It's free for residents and cheap for non-residents, so if you haven't, get off your ass and check it out. Through July 24 you can listen to pianos at the Botanical Garden while you bask in the glory of the flowers.

Perfect Sunny day for #botanicalgardens watching the #gardenpiano performances earlier :-)

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Schedule of performances:

Friday, July 21 4-6pm - Community Music Center Summer of Love Sing-along
Join Community Music Center’s Billy Philadelphia at the Great Meadow for a lively sing-along with some of the top songs from 1967.

Saturday, July 22
10-11:30am - Rabbit Hole Theatre
Family-friendly theater activity will focus on pianos and locations nearest Friend (North) Gate

12-2pm - Piano Extravaganza #2

  1. Great Meadow
    Rob Reich : Tribute to Ellington, Waller, and Monk

  2. Exhibition Garden - Thomas Church Pavilion
    Mauro ffortissimo : Classics and Tangos

  3. Garden of Fragrance
    Daniel Sullivan : Mad Tea Party - Mad Scenes, Sarchasms & Surprises

  4. Rhododendron Garden
    Colleen Torianne : Modern Edwardian Interpretations

  5. Ancient Plant Garden
    Gerry Bassermann : Music of Major Minimalists

  6. New Zealand Garden
    Kitten on the Keys : Flapper, Rock, Originals, Punk, Blues, Standards

  7. South Africa Garden
    Kat Downs : Originals, Classical, Pop Covers

  8. California Native Garden
    Joseph Willcockson & Friends : Classical, Ragtime, Blues & Jazz Standards, Favorites

  9. Redwood Grove
    Joshua Raoul Brody, w. or w/o Friends : Standards, Substandards, Originals, Aboriginals

  10. Conifer Lawn
    Dizzy Victrola & Co. : Boogie and Jazz Parlor

  11. Moon Viewing Garden
    Joe Magdalena : Standards, Pop, Sinatra, Happy Stuff

  12. Zellerbach Garden
    Benjamin Gribble : Original Compositions with Prepared Piano and More

1-4pm - Bean Sprouts Family Day
Mini-pianos and music-making materials in the Children’s Garden

3-5pm - Beatnik’s Corner
Mauro ffortissimo, Dean Mermell & Guests : Open & Prepared Pianos, Poetry, Improvisations

7:30-10:30pm – NightGarden Piano
Let beautifully lit pathways guide you to pianos aglow at a special evening event featuring twelve performances by Sunset Piano all-stars, open pianos to play, food, drink, and more. Your ticket purchase for NightGarden Piano goes directly to supporting Flower Piano 2017. Purchase tickets for this one-of-a-kind evening in Garden today and support Flower Piano!

Sunday, July 23
11am-6pm Zellerbach Garden

11am Daniel Sullivan : Pas De Deux: Dream Sequences & Psychedelic Reveries
12pm Allison Lovejoy and Guests : Solo and chamber music
1pm Jill Tracy : Elegant, Eerie Noir, Haunting Post-Classical Originals
2pm Craig and MacGregor Group : Jazz
3pm Serene : Liszt, Ravel, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and more
4-6pm Paulo Sultanum & Casulo : A Brazilian Bossa-Folk-Nova Experience

12-4pm Great Meadow

12pm Jonathan Miller : Chopin & Scriabin
1pm Kat Downs : Originals, Classical, Pop Covers
2-4pm Francisco Rosales : Musica Cubana
Monday, July 24
9am-6pm – Closing Day
Pianos close at 6pm. No scheduled performances or events.